Thank God it’s Friday

Thank God it’s Friday

Thank God it’s Friday Everybody
Don’t know about you but soundtracks for me are just as important as the movie itself. They are what musical beats are to lyrics; soundtracks give life to the movie as it captures the moments, stir up emotions and put you right in the middle of the movie.
This is not a Soundtrack review; just a fun distraction to take our minds off all current depressing events going on around the world.
Here are 10 of my all-time favorite movie soundtracks. Unsurprisingly, I happen to also love the movies.

Sound of Music – The entire album
from the inspiring “Climb every Mountain” to the uplifting “My favorite things” to theme song “Sound of Music” then the amusing “ How do you solve a problem like Maria” not forgetting “16 going on 17” in fact all the songs hit me in a good way.

City of Angels – In the arms of the angels
Perhaps what makes this soundtrack stand out for me is that it’s relatable. I could just relate to Maggie’s (Meg Ryan) character. They couldn’t have picked a better song to express the themes of the movie. The soundtrack worked well with the movie in touching areas of those questionable life’s mysteries such as death, why people die, loneliness, emptiness, heaven, angels, grieving. This soundtrack captures those feelings of something missing in your life; you know a nagging void inside that makes true inner peace elude you Oops! There I go again #rantingnotintended#.

Gladiator – Now we are free
The movie Gladiator had a lot working for it; it had Russell Crowe great interpreters, an amazing plot, and AWEsome soundtrack. I’m not a song writer neither do I know the technicalities of music but in my layman’s view this particular soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece. It has a dramatic effect and evokes many of the movie’s most memorable scenes plus it gave me goose bumps.

Lake House -This never happened
Though not a very convincing storyline but the choice of lead characters was on point. The connection between Bullock and Reeves was better felt in the scene when this song was played.
I’m a hopeless hopeful romantic so it’s not strange that this would be on the list of my fave soundtracks. Just remembering how Sandra Bullock held tightly to Keanu Reeve’s neck while they danced slowly to this track puts a smile on my face even now.

Twilight Saga- A thousand years
Let’s just say I’m seriously considering walking down the aisle to this song. So deep

Ghost – Unchained Melody
There’s something about this soundtrack that engulfs you. It absorbs you completely with its great melody, deep lyrics and again great movie characters.

Sweet November – Only Time
1 thing I love about this soundtrack – ENYA – she sends chills up and down my spine and has an air of mystery around her. She is on a league of her own: different, mystique, unique, weird in a good way (odd I know).

My Best Friend’s wedding – “You fill up my senses”, “The way you look tonight” and “I’ll say a little prayer”
These soundtracks are fun, witty and still meaningful

I just LOVEEEEEE Cartoons so my last 3 favorite Soundtracks are from the following cartoons.

Lion King – we are one.

Pocahontas – colors of the wind.

Mulan – reflections

They all have very powerful lyrical content and are profound. They are also deep and meaningful
Please feel free to share your favorite soundtracks and If possible why you love them.

*First published – 12 September 2014

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