Farewell Obamas

Farewell Obamas

I really tried not to do this but I couldn’t help it. No 1st family has had an impact on me like the Obamas. The Clintons came close but there’s something distinct about Barack & Michelle. They brought class, romance (yeah I’m a sucker for this part), sophistication and humanity to the white house Maybe they were acting for the cameras or maybe they had a good PR team (which by the way I think they did) but they got it right most of the time. It would have been all of the time if not for the same sex marriage law signed into existence by Barrack. I will not down-play the impact of that law but I allow his good sides overshadow his mistakes. He is human after all and is liable to making mistakes.

Truth is I like the Obamas. I liked how simple Barack was as a president. I mean the guy walks in the park, says hi to people, apologises for crashing in on their park time, invites children to his office, talks & plays with them. How simple can simple get especially when compared to our power intoxicated leaders here in Nigeria. Ordinary Councillor will not let us hear word. Our politicians go around with entourage and put on those annoying sirens and those silly signs “Member -HOR”.

Barack’s humility was out of this world. He is very intelligent; he speaks eloquently and is quite tactful too. He almost never loses his cool. I watched him on 2 occasions display this rare feature. He was giving a speech when this guy kept interrupting with not so complimentary remarks. He didn’t shut him up but answered the guy. He was applauded by the crowd and silenced the guy without even being rude. The second time also he left the scene like a hero even the offensive guy couldn’t help commending him. He just always knew what to say and how to say it (I still pray for God to give me this grace). He finally stamped the seal on my likeness for him when he awarded his VP- Joe Biden, “The presidential Medal of Freedom.” He loved his wife and he showed it too “publicly”. He was cool, smooth and suave.

Michelle, well she was perfect for him in ways that amazes. She was so down to earth; I watched her on ICarly and was blown away. She was also on the Ellen Degeneres show and danced and I was like WHAT! Our own 1st. Ladies here with their “higher-than-thou” attitude can’t even give us audience let alone be bothered to go on TV shows to encourage or discuss social issues affecting the country. How many of them have the time to visit our young girls in schools, you only see them in company of the rich and famous attending weddings and other social events. She was very intelligent (you should watch the speech she gave at a school during the Hillary Clinton campaign). She spoke genuinely from her heart, No books-in-hand yet she made mega sense. She was a real role model; something we lack here in Nigeria. She was strong, carried herself with such poise and supported her husband in every way admirable. That family not only told us but showed us the value of family. They perhaps taught the greatest lesson that NOTHING is impossible; you can attain ANY height just don’t give up. So like Barack. I sign out by saying Farewell Obamas. I will miss you and Peace y’all

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